AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-06lwip-ox: Simple mbox implementationHEADmasterIsmael Luceno
2016-11-05lwip-ox: Include lwip/sys.h for prototypesIsmael Luceno
2016-11-05lwip-ox: sys_mutex_new must return an err_tIsmael Luceno
2016-11-05mm: Rename mem_init to mm_init, to avoid conflicts with LwIPIsmael Luceno
2016-11-05Compile with debugging informationIsmael Luceno
2016-11-03Keep a non-stripped version for debuggingIsmael Luceno
2016-11-03ne2k: Normalize printk messagesIsmael Luceno
2016-11-03log_and_exit: Align registersIsmael Luceno
2016-11-02Add network initialization testIsmael Luceno
2016-11-02lwip: Enable DHCPIsmael Luceno
2016-11-02Move network_init to lwip-wrapper-ne2000.cIsmael Luceno
2016-10-29net: Enable ne2000 driverIsmael Luceno
2016-10-29libc/syscall: Remove -nostdinc++ from CFLAGSIsmael Luceno
2016-10-29kernel: Disable socket_timer for nowIsmael Luceno
2016-10-29net: Fix a few build errorsIsmael Luceno
2016-10-26Provide sys_nowIsmael Luceno
2016-10-25Final fixesIsmael Luceno
2016-10-25Add drivers to the buildIsmael Luceno
2016-10-25Fix definitions of size_t and ssize_tIsmael Luceno
2016-10-25Update lwipIsmael Luceno
2016-10-25ne2k: call ne2000 initialization wrapperIsmael Luceno
2016-10-25ne2k: Final glue to get the irq handler installedIsmael Luceno
2016-10-24ne2000: Implement replacement for SanOS events (semaphores)Ismael Luceno
2016-10-24ne2000: Fix irq handler installationIsmael Luceno
2016-10-24ne2000: Fix includes in the wrapperIsmael Luceno
2016-10-24ne2000: Fix ne_setup func prototypeIsmael Luceno
2016-10-24ne2000: Fix another typo, this time in the wrapperIsmael Luceno
2016-10-24ne2000: Provide a msleep implementationIsmael Luceno
2016-10-24ne2000: Fix typoIsmael Luceno
2016-10-21ne2000: Remove netstats, unusedIsmael Luceno
2016-10-21ne2000: Add missing I/O functionsIsmael Luceno
2016-10-21ne2000: Fix typoIsmael Luceno
2016-10-21Replace all instances of struct pbuf with sgbuf_t in ne2000Ismael Luceno
2016-10-21Make free(NULL) harmlessIsmael Luceno
2016-10-11Start of new lwip port and ne2k driverIsmael Luceno
2016-10-10Deprecate net directory (moved to net.old)Ismael Luceno
2016-09-30More streamlining to the makefilesIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30Import lwip into net2/Ismael Luceno
2016-09-30ne2000: Suppress printing addr[i], we're getting that laterIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30Fix LWIP_PLATFORM_DIAGIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30Replace asm_hlt with haltIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30Remove more backup/redundant filesIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30Remove malloc in favor of kmallocIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30More Makefiles cleanup and fixesIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30[FEATURE] Implement a halt functionIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30[FEATURE] Provide kzalloc (kmalloc + memset)Ismael Luceno
2016-09-30[FEATURE] Serial port output supportIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30Fix make_links.sh script, take $OXHOMEIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30Fix most compiler warnings and type issuesIsmael Luceno
2016-09-30Build system fixesIsmael Luceno